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Young people are telling us that porn is almost impossible
to avoid and it is shaping their expectations and experiences.

About It’s Time We Talked

It’s time we talked is a violence prevention initiative that supports young people, parents, schools, government and the community sector to understand and address the influence of pornography.

Young people

Seeing porn might seem normal. But what does porn say? Who makes it and why? And what does it all mean for you?



Schools have a critical role to play in supporting young people to navigate pornography’s influence.


Parents are increasingly aware of the need to talk about pornography with their children, but many don’t feel well-equipped for the task.

practitioners its time we talked


A wide range of practitioners that work with young people and their families can play a role in addressing pornography’s influence.

Pornography has become an issue we can’t afford to ignore

Explore how pornography is impacting and why it’s an issue we must address if we want young people to develop healthy, respectful relationships.

Why is porn an issue?

Explore the latest research on pornography’s impacts and learn about why it’s an issue we must address if we want young people to develop healthy, respectful relationships.

Young people see porn

48% of boys have seen porn by the age of 13 and 48% of girls have seen it by 15.

young man on phone

Some young people see a lot of porn

56% of young men watch porn weekly and 1 in 6 view it daily.

young man watching phone

Porn is often aggressive

97% of the aggression in porn is directed towards women.

young boy

Young people are learning from porn

60% of young men and 41% of young women have used porn as a source of information about sex in the last year.

About Maree Crabbe

Maree Crabbe is co-founder and director of It’s time we talked. Maree is a speaker, educator, author and filmmaker who is passionate about supporting parents, schools, communities and government to address pornography’s influence on young people.

Maree has worked with young people – and on issues effecting young people – for over 25 years. She has developed and delivered programs focusing on sexual violence prevention, sexual diversity, pornography, sexting, and the prevention of sexually transmissible infections. She presents at conferences throughout Australia and around the world and has delivered professional learning to thousands of educators, policy makers, researchers and practitioners who work with young people.


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It’s time we talked is based on a sophisticated, scholarly and politically sensitive understanding of pornography, sexuality and related issues… It is a project at the leading edge of international community-based efforts to address the harms associated with children’s and young people’s exposure to and consumption of pornography.”

Michael Flood

Associate Professor

Queensland University of Technology

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“As a teaching resource, In The Picture is quite simply without peer in its attention to detail and generosity; as a 21st century curriculum document, it is unsurpassed in educational quality or academic integrity, but as a socially responsive account of our times, it deserves compulsory implementation in schools across the country.”

Natalie Charles


Mentone Girls Grammar School

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“Maree’s expert training is highly regarded. Supported by evidence, and a range of teaching methodologies and practical strategies, Maree encourages schools and community organisations to identify what role we can all play in education to address the influence of pornography.”

Kylie Stephens

Senior Health Promotion Manager

University of Melbourne

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