Pornography has become a parenting issue
we can’t afford to ignore.

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What do parents need to know?

Many adults are unaware of how pervasive pornography has become, the nature of the material young people see, or how it is affecting young people’s sexual understandings and experiences. To assist young people to navigate this new reality, parents, schools and community organisations must first understand the issues. 

What can parents do?

Pornography’s influence poses many challenges for young people, for the adults who live or work with them and for society in general. Parents can play an important role in supporting their child to navigate this new reality and to develop relationships and sexuality that are healthy, safe and respectful. Here’s what you need to know to get started.  

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Addressing the impacts of pornography
at home

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Resources for parents

Parents are increasingly aware of the need to talk about pornography with their children, but many parents do not feel well-equipped for the task. It’s time we talked has developed a range of resources to assist parents to support the young people in their lives.